If your university would like to increase the number of vetted applications it receives, please contact us about working with Global Study Technology.

The destination countries we cover are the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and the UAE. We help students in a growing number of countries in the Middle East and Asia.

A key benefit is we only submit applications once we’ve vetted them. The vetting process covers:

This means universities only receive applications that are worthy of consideration and do not risk rejection for reasons that could have been identified before the application submission.

And you get an additional pipeline of foreign student applications.

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‘I Appreciated your attention to detail’

I want to commend you for your great effort on making a lot much easier. I appreciated your attention to detail and relentless determination to make sure I had everything I needed to go safely to Liverpool.
Manal Alasmari
Saudi Arabia | University of Liverpool, UK | Sept 2019

‘an easier way to understand education’

I have never seen an easier way to understand education globally, and to find my place for my Master’s degree. You helped me determine where to apply with the counselling you provided.
Hashem Dafer
UAE | Lancaster University, UK | Sept 2020