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RIT Dubai was established in 2008 to provide world-class university programs in the United Arab Emirates for students and professionals. RIT Dubai offers the same high-quality, competitive, technology-based educational programs as those o ered by the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York.

RIT Dubai students are welcome to apply to transfer to the main campus in Rochester, NY, USA. This provides students a wonderful opportunity to begin their studies here in Dubai, and then finish their program in New York, where they can take advantage of all the resources and courses available on the main campus.

Students who are successfully accepted for transfer can seamlessly continue their program as no transfer of credits is necessary.


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‘I Appreciated your attention to detail’

I want to commend you for your great effort on making a lot much easier. I appreciated your attention to detail and relentless determination to make sure I had everything I needed to go safely to Liverpool.

Manal Alasmari

Saudi Arabia | University of Liverpool, UK | Sept 2019

‘an easier way to understand education’

I have never seen an easier way to understand education globally, and to find my place for my Master’s degree. You helped me determine where to apply with the counselling you provided

Hashem Dafer

UAE | Lancaster University, UK | Sept 2020