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At Northumbria University, we embrace tomorrow. We pursue new thinking, forge new partnerships, create and exchange new knowledge, and find new solutions. Our inspirational academics, partners and students work together to tackle tomorrow’s challenges head on.

We’re ready for the future whatever it may hold. Confident and creative in everything we do, we offer leadership and direction in this fast-changing world. Those with courage will transform lives and make a remarkable impact on the world. Tomorrow. How will you handle it? Join us today and we can tackle this exciting new world together.

Northumbria is the place to study courses shaped by world-leading research, and created in consultation with students, employers and professionals, statutory and regulatory bodies. Here, you’ll learn to question, analyse, challenge, innovate and make an impact.

At Northumbria, everything we do is about you. We’re connected, so you’ll get the chance to work with global companies, study abroad, expand your horizons, stretch your knowledge, and build your CV.

Our inspirational academics will equip you with everything you need to fulfil your potential – professionally and personally. Your learning experience will be tailored to ensure you’re ready for life beyond graduation – for a future yet to be explored.

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‘I Appreciated your attention to detail’

I want to commend you for your great effort on making a lot much easier. I appreciated your attention to detail and relentless determination to make sure I had everything I needed to go safely to Liverpool.

Manal Alasmari

Saudi Arabia | University of Liverpool, UK | Sept 2019

‘an easier way to understand education’

I have never seen an easier way to understand education globally, and to find my place for my Master’s degree. You helped me determine where to apply with the counselling you provided

Hashem Dafer

UAE | Lancaster University, UK | Sept 2020