The United States has more higher learning institutions than any other country in the world. Whatever you want to study, chances are you’ll find an internationally renowned school in your field in the U.S. 

Among other attributes, U.S. universities often have world leading tech – something institutions in other countries can often lack. 

A degree from an American university can also improve your chances of getting a job with companies in your home country that do business with U.S. firms. And contacts you make in the U.S., especially if you do internships or get other work experience, can be extremely useful in future. 

In general, your job prospects will most likely improve considerably if you have a degree from a good American university.

There are also fantastic and varied travel opportunities within the U.S. from iconic cities to wilderness to desert – a full range of experiences.

Universities we cover

Check the list of US universities we work with. Remember, if you have a particular US university in mind but you don’t see it here that doesn’t mean we can’t help you apply to that university. We can and we will – and there’s no charge. Just contact one of our student counsellors for details.

‘I Appreciated your attention to detail’

I want to commend you for your great effort on making a lot much easier. I appreciated your attention to detail and relentless determination to make sure I had everything I needed to go safely to Liverpool.

Manal Alasmari

Saudi Arabia | University of Liverpool, UK | Sept 2019

‘an easier way to understand education’

I have never seen an easier way to understand education globally, and to find my place for my Master’s degree. You helped me determine where to apply with the counselling you provided

Hashem Dafer

UAE | Lancaster University, UK | Sept 2020