UK universities have an excellent reputation with a good number in the top 200 worldwide rankings. They welcome international students and have educated students from all over the world for decades.

The UK has a rich history and offers a good mix of cities, villages and countryside destinations to visit. It’s also close to continental Europe so can be a good base for visiting countries there – even if it’s only for a long weekend.

Undergraduate degrees in the UK typically take three years to complete except in Scotland where it takes four years. In 2019, according to the Institute of International Education, some 496-thousand international students were studying in the UK making it the second most popular choice for foreign students that year after the US.

UK universities offer a wide range of courses and programmes and are likely to present a top option depending on what you want to study.

Universities we cover

Check our list of UK universities we work with. Remember, if you have a particular UK university in mind but you don’t see it here that doesn’t mean we can’t help you apply to that university. We can and we will – and there’s no charge. Just contact one of our student counsellors for details.

‘I Appreciated your attention to detail’

I want to commend you for your great effort on making a lot much easier. I appreciated your attention to detail and relentless determination to make sure I had everything I needed to go safely to Liverpool.
Manal Alasmari
Saudi Arabia | University of Liverpool, UK | Sept 2019

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I have never seen an easier way to understand education globally, and to find my place for my Master’s degree. You helped me determine where to apply with the counselling you provided.
Hashem Dafer
UAE | Lancaster University, UK | Sept 2020